Ulysses loves WordPress

The Ulysses App was just released with a version that includes publishing to WordPress. Previously there was just Medium publishing in the app. Now you can write your blog post and directly post it to your WordPress blog.

The first Heading will be the title. The first picture, the posts features image. You can chose excpert, categories and more.

So why not write directly in WordPress instead of Ulysses? I’m not sure. Though I believe Ulysses is a much better writing tool for you. And I always think it’s cool with integration between different apps and web services.

Ulysses is available for both iOS and macOS.


Opening of the new joeriksson.com

Today I announced the new joeriksson.com. The site is built on Squarespace’s tools and templates, which I have been trying out for a couple of days and really liked. It is very easy to use in my opinion, and you can usually get the results you want in a very short time.

So the new site will contain some of my photography work, music, a blog, some links to find my other photography sites and more. I have some ideas for some more content also, but more about that after I have had the time to think it through a bit more.