Norberg, October 2016

I did a short visit to my home town in the beginning of October. One purpose was to visit my parents, and also to show the town to one of my friends from Stockholm. The weather was not so good. A bit cold, and rain. But one of the days when there was no rain. We took a trip to one of the neighboring towns – Norberg. This is a view from a stroll through the small village of Norberg.

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Dalhalla, aug 2016 

In the beginning of August I went to a concert in Dalhalla in Sweden. Dalhalla is a former Limestone Quarry which is rebuilt to be a concert arena. Initially, as the story goes, it was an Opera singer that thought it would be a good place for operas considering among other things the great acoustic properties of the place. 

This was my first time here. Wanted to see a Swedish tribute band to Pink Floyd. The band is called P-Floyd. I didn’t know anything about them before I went there. More than they were supposed to be great and have concerts there every year. And has had for the latest ten years.

The concert was really great. Such a good show, and really talented band. I don’t know how much closer you can get to be Pink Floyd without being the actual Pink Floyd. Of course nothing can compare to the original. But nonetheless it was a wonderful show, and a great place to see and listen to such a concert.

The picture below is of course from the concert. Taken with my Leica Q.

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A new friend of mine

The first time I rode on a Vespa was in Rome 2014. What better place to ride on such a vehicle? It was so much fun, but at the same time scary to ride on something you’ve never tried before, in a city where you don’t know much about how the traffic works. Also since it was my first, and so far only time I’ve been in Rome, I didn’t really find my way around there. I rented the Vespa for 24 hours. It costed me around 40€. After about four hours I returned it though. Felt exhausted from concentrating so much on following the traffic and trying to find my way through the city. But at the same time I felt happy, since it was so much fun.

The second time was on a Yelp-event this year. We rented some Vespas from a newly started company in Stockholm, and went out for a ride through the city with a guide. I felt it was so wonderful to ride through the side on a nice summer evening. No need to look for parking places, you could park almost anywhere. You could stop here and there for a short while and walk around some interesting spot or viewpoint.

A few weeks later I felt I wanted to buy my own Vespa, so I could take a ride anytime I wanted. I found a reseller that was open during the weekend. Went there, and bought a white Vespa Primavera 50cc, which was the biggest motor my drivers license allowed. Since then Ive been out almost every day, for at least one ride. And I am loving it!

Ulysses loves WordPress

The Ulysses App was just released with a version that includes publishing to WordPress. Previously there was just Medium publishing in the app. Now you can write your blog post and directly post it to your WordPress blog.

The first Heading will be the title. The first picture, the posts features image. You can chose excpert, categories and more.

So why not write directly in WordPress instead of Ulysses? I’m not sure. Though I believe Ulysses is a much better writing tool for you. And I always think it’s cool with integration between different apps and web services.

Ulysses is available for both iOS and macOS.

Street View, Paris, May 2016

This is from last time I was i Paris in May this year. I wanted to find a different way to walk up towards the Eiffel Tower. Somewhere where one could see the Tower at the end of a long road. I wasn’t actually looking when I by a bit of accident ended up on this road. So it was a bit of luck that I found almost what I had been trying to find.
This is taken with my Lieca Q and processed in Silver Efex Pro.

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Making crepes

 Took this picture on a walk through the Latin Quarter in Paris this May. I like narrow streets there with all the different restaurants. 

Old Town, Stockholm

One day in the year to go out in the city to photograph if you want empty streets is New Years Day early in the morning. Most people are home sleeping after some late New Year’s Eve Party. I have gone out on this day a couple of years, and it’s amazing how empty the streets can be even in a big city.
This picture is taken in Old Town, Stockholm on a New Year’s Day. Probably around 8 A.M. The Old Town is usually crowded with people. Not so much this morning.

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A rainy day at the Louvre

My trip to Paris at the end of May this year didn’t offer any good weather. It was mostly cold and rainy each day. On the rainiest day I decided to spend some hours at the Louvre. Had only been there once before. And at that time only had an hour before I needed to leave for the airport. This time I could use the whole day if I wanted.

What I mostly wanted to see was the section with french and italian painters. I was there at my first visit, but felt that I had to little time then. This time I wanted to be able to take the time I wanted and look at all the magnificent paintings.

I wasn’t bothered with lack of time this visit. Which was nice. Although it was hard to concentrate on the paintings since almost everyone it running around taking pictures of the paintings instead of looking at them. So wherever you stood, you was in the way for someone taking a picture with their phone or iPad.

There was a lot of people at the Louvre that day and long lines to get in. Below is a view out from one of the windows in the Louvre.

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The Louvre

Selfies at Sacre-Cœur

Recently I went for a short trip to Paris. It was my third time there. Wanted to try out my new Leica Q. Again I tried to get along without my MacBook. Just had the iPad Pro with me.

I talked in an earlier post about trying to get the RAW picture into my iPad by connecting it directly to my camera via USB. Well that didn’t work as expected since the Leica Q makes DNG files directly in the camera. And appearently iOS cannot import those. So I am stuck with just importing JPG’s. Since I am currently mostly using black and white settings in camera, the only thing I have to work with after importing to the iPad is those black and whites.

Below is one of the pictures I took on this trip. It is taken just below the Sacre-Cœur. If you click the picture it will open in Flickr.

Selfie at Sacré-Cœur