A new friend of mine

The first time I rode on a Vespa was in Rome 2014. What better place to ride on such a vehicle? It was so much fun, but at the same time scary to ride on something you’ve never tried before, in a city where you don’t know much about how the traffic works. Also since it was my first, and so far only time I’ve been in Rome, I didn’t really find my way around there. I rented the Vespa for 24 hours. It costed me around 40€. After about four hours I returned it though. Felt exhausted from concentrating so much on following the traffic and trying to find my way through the city. But at the same time I felt happy, since it was so much fun.

The second time was on a Yelp-event this year. We rented some Vespas from a newly started company in Stockholm, and went out for a ride through the city with a guide. I felt it was so wonderful to ride through the side on a nice summer evening. No need to look for parking places, you could park almost anywhere. You could stop here and there for a short while and walk around some interesting spot or viewpoint.

A few weeks later I felt I wanted to buy my own Vespa, so I could take a ride anytime I wanted. I found a reseller that was open during the weekend. Went there, and bought a white Vespa Primavera 50cc, which was the biggest motor my drivers license allowed. Since then Ive been out almost every day, for at least one ride. And I am loving it!


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