Yesterday’s photowalk

A couple of times per year I meet up with a some friends that I met via Google+. Yesterday was one of those occasions. We went to LĂ„ngholmen in Stockholm, which is an island where there used to be a prison. These days it’s a museum, hotel, restaurant etc.

Where ever we go on our walks, it seems we always end up in Old Town, Stockholm at last. No exception this time. This is a picture I got from there.

A foggy beach

A couple of years ago, me and a couple of friends went up really early in the morning with hopes to catch the sunrise with our cameras. It turned out to be one of the foggiest mornings I’ve ever experienced. So not much sunrise there.

But I think it was all good. Fog, in my opinion, is a far better friend for the photographer.

This picture was taken at Hornstulls beach in Stockholm at that morning.