My first time in Paris

I have been to Paris just twice in my life. The first time was in 2013. It was a big thing for me, since I never believed I would be able to go there for some reason. It was rather overwhelming when I suddenly got off the bus and stood somewhere around Les Invalides. Almost a little unreal.

I didn’t know where I was supposed to hop of the bus to get closest to the hotel I was booked for. I turned out that Les Invalides was not the best place at all. My hotel was at Grands Boulevards. And even if a really long walk would have taken me there, I am not sure I would have found it. Also I had some luggage with me. So I started to try to get a taxi, which turned out to not be so easy. The few cars I saw, seemed to ignore me. When in the end I found someone that could drive me to the hotel, he drove like a criminal, swearing at the other drivers and was frequently using the horn.

In any case he got me to my hotel in the end. I got to check in to the room and drop off my bags. Then began the adventure of discovering Paris for the first time, which included taking a lot of pictures. This one below I took on my second trip to Paris, which was in 2014.

Eiffel Tower


What to do in Copenhagen with a Camera?

I am planning to go on a photo trip soon. One of my stops will be a day in the beautiful and then hopefully warmer Copenhagen. 

There are two places that I would like to go to, which I believe I haven’t seen on previous trips. One is Rosenborg Castle, and the other Frederik’s Church (also called the Marble Church). Don’t know if they are open, or if I want to go inside. But I thought I might get some good photos on the architecture outside. We’ll see.

Any of you know of good photo opportunity places in Copenhagen (besides the little mermaid, and Nyhavn)?