Let it be….naked

The Let it be... naked album

The Let it be… naked album

The other day the album ”Let it be… Naked” was rereleased at iTunes. The new release is Digitally Remastered in 2013. It is supposed to be like the Beatles themselves intended the album ”Let it be” to be from the beginning. A kind of a live performance with the Beatles. With no added studio effects or added vocals etc. Just the naked sound of the Beatles playing their songs.

I bought the album years back when it was released on CD. But being a Beatles fanatic, as I have been since the 70s, I was curious to hear it Digitally remastered. Just like I have had the opportunity to hear the other Beatles albums re-mastered before. So of course I bought it right away, synced it to my iPhone, put on my headphones, and pressed play. “Jojo was a man…”

To me it was amazing. Some of the songs have such great and clean sound that it is like sitting there with the lads in the studio. Like being a fly on the wall as they were recording. Even though I have heard the songs a million times, it was almost as hearing them for the first time again. Every instrument could be clearly heard separated from the other instruments and vocals. Still it all fits together well and sounds beautiful.

So also with the vocals. The have a very intimate and beautiful sound. Overall I am amazed at how good the band was performing live at this point in time. I will surely listen many times on this album. And it inspires me to pick up my own guitar and play…


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