2015 Favorite Apps: Part 1 Unread

It’s that time of year again when we usually look back at the year that’s almost gone.

One thing that has been interesting me is all the apps that are available for our smart devices. As I run only Apple devices, it has been apps from the Apple Store. I love to try out different apps. Many times I use them just a day or two and then forget them as I find something new, or the app wasn’t that useful in the long run. There are a couple of apps though that I’ve kept using over the time. In this post, and a couple of upcoming posts, I wanted to list the ones I liked the most, which I found most useful or fun, and that are used mostly on a daily basis.


The first one I want to mention is Unread. Unread is a RSS reader which I use most every day, many times a day, to catch up on different blogs and news. During the years I have used a whole lot of different RSS readers on different OS. I’ve had many favorites, but this one has really stuck on me and works as I want an RSS reader to work. Also I find it very nicely designed which at least for me is very important.


In each feed it gives a nice minimalistic overview of the articles together with an excerpt of the article text. It uses intuitive gestures for navigating between different views. A good readability view when viewing an article in Unread. And uses Safari View Controller if you need to go out of the readability view to a web view.


Unread requires one of many supported RSS syncing services like Feedly (which I am using), Feed Wrangler, and FeedBin etc.

Get it from the App Store here:

Unread for iPad: RSS News Reader av Supertop

Unread for iPhone: RSS News Reader av Supertop


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