Yesterday’s photowalk

A couple of times per year I meet up with a some friends that I met via Google+. Yesterday was one of those occasions. We went to Långholmen in Stockholm, which is an island where there used to be a prison. These days it’s a museum, hotel, restaurant etc.

Where ever we go on our walks, it seems we always end up in Old Town, Stockholm at last. No exception this time. This is a picture I got from there.

Photowalk Norrköping

Yesterday there was a photo walk in the town of Norrköping in Sweden. It was a bunch of photographers from Google+ that once again gathered for some clicking. Earlier, almost the same gang has had photo walks in Nyköping and Stockholm. This time it was Norrköpings turn.

I have only been in Norrköping once before, a far as I can remember. Usually I have just been driving by the city on my way south in Sweden. And from a distance, it hasn’t really looked like much. But I was wrong.

Norrköping is a beautiful city, with a whole area of old houses surrounded with streams of water, bridges, and town squares. A lot of pictures was taken that day by all of us.

In this post I give you a picture of a bicycle that someone had thrown into the water.

Bicycle in water

Bicycle in water

A sample photo from the new lens

I’ve have had the lens I mentioned in the previous post for a bit more than a week now. Very pleased with it. It is small, light a good autofocus, sharpness and all. I am not yet so used with a 18 mm fixed lens though, with all that it brings in having to move around more to get what you want in the frame. But I think it is a good thing to be forced to train yourself to it.

Below is just a sample picture I took with the 18 mmm. It is taken with F2.0 and ISO 200.

A drink on the balcony

A drink on the balcony

Ordered a new lens

Yesterday I ordered a new lens to my Fujifilm X-E1. When I bought the camera it was together with the 18-55mm lens, which I am very pleased with. But now I wanted a smaller lens as a complement. So I ordered the Fujinon 18mm F2 R

I haven’t received it yet, but I am very excited to try it out when it arrives. Have been reading both good and bad reviews about it. But mostly good I believe.

It seems very small, and it goes up to F2. A bit more than the 18-55mm which goes to F2.8 at 18mm.

Fujinon 18mm F2 R

Fujinon 18mm F2 R

Greens Bar

A few days before Christmas last year, I was out walking with my camera. It started to snow quite a bit. Big snow flakes falling from the sky. The ground was still free from snow, as the snow flakes melted as soon as they hit the ground. I came by this bar which was open though it was still early day. Since you are not allowed to smoke inside in public places in Sweden, a bunch of people had gone outside in the snowy weather for a while to get a smoke. That’s when a captured this picture of them and the bar in the background.

The processing is made in both Color Efex and Silver Efex. Some adjustments are also made in Lightroom. It is taken with my FujiFilm XE-1 camera. 

Green's Bar in Sundbyberg

Green’s Bar in Sundbyberg