Photowalk Norrköping

Yesterday there was a photo walk in the town of Norrköping in Sweden. It was a bunch of photographers from Google+ that once again gathered for some clicking. Earlier, almost the same gang has had photo walks in Nyköping and Stockholm. This time it was Norrköpings turn.

I have only been in Norrköping once before, a far as I can remember. Usually I have just been driving by the city on my way south in Sweden. And from a distance, it hasn’t really looked like much. But I was wrong.

Norrköping is a beautiful city, with a whole area of old houses surrounded with streams of water, bridges, and town squares. A lot of pictures was taken that day by all of us.

In this post I give you a picture of a bicycle that someone had thrown into the water.

Bicycle in water

Bicycle in water


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