Norberg, October 2016

I did a short visit to my home town in the beginning of October. One purpose was to visit my parents, and also to show the town to one of my friends from Stockholm. The weather was not so good. A bit cold, and rain. But one of the days when there was no rain. We took a trip to one of the neighboring towns – Norberg. This is a view from a stroll through the small village of Norberg.

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Dalhalla, aug 2016 

In the beginning of August I went to a concert in Dalhalla in Sweden. Dalhalla is a former Limestone Quarry which is rebuilt to be a concert arena. Initially, as the story goes, it was an Opera singer that thought it would be a good place for operas considering among other things the great acoustic properties of the place. 

This was my first time here. Wanted to see a Swedish tribute band to Pink Floyd. The band is called P-Floyd. I didn’t know anything about them before I went there. More than they were supposed to be great and have concerts there every year. And has had for the latest ten years.

The concert was really great. Such a good show, and really talented band. I don’t know how much closer you can get to be Pink Floyd without being the actual Pink Floyd. Of course nothing can compare to the original. But nonetheless it was a wonderful show, and a great place to see and listen to such a concert.

The picture below is of course from the concert. Taken with my Leica Q.

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Street View, Paris, May 2016

This is from last time I was i Paris in May this year. I wanted to find a different way to walk up towards the Eiffel Tower. Somewhere where one could see the Tower at the end of a long road. I wasn’t actually looking when I by a bit of accident ended up on this road. So it was a bit of luck that I found almost what I had been trying to find.
This is taken with my Lieca Q and processed in Silver Efex Pro.

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Old Town, Stockholm

One day in the year to go out in the city to photograph if you want empty streets is New Years Day early in the morning. Most people are home sleeping after some late New Year’s Eve Party. I have gone out on this day a couple of years, and it’s amazing how empty the streets can be even in a big city.
This picture is taken in Old Town, Stockholm on a New Year’s Day. Probably around 8 A.M. The Old Town is usually crowded with people. Not so much this morning.

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