Dalhalla, aug 2016 

In the beginning of August I went to a concert in Dalhalla in Sweden. Dalhalla is a former Limestone Quarry which is rebuilt to be a concert arena. Initially, as the story goes, it was an Opera singer that thought it would be a good place for operas considering among other things the great acoustic properties of the place. 

This was my first time here. Wanted to see a Swedish tribute band to Pink Floyd. The band is called P-Floyd. I didn’t know anything about them before I went there. More than they were supposed to be great and have concerts there every year. And has had for the latest ten years.

The concert was really great. Such a good show, and really talented band. I don’t know how much closer you can get to be Pink Floyd without being the actual Pink Floyd. Of course nothing can compare to the original. But nonetheless it was a wonderful show, and a great place to see and listen to such a concert.

The picture below is of course from the concert. Taken with my Leica Q.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2bBPknx

Bryan Adams at Konserthuset, Stockholm

The other night I went to see Bryan Adams at Konserthuset in Stockholm. It was from his Bare Bones tour, where he’s mostly alone on stage with just an acoustic guitar. On some of the songs he is joined by a guy that plays the piano.

Bryan delivered a fantastic performance in my opinion. With just his guitar and voice he made it a magic evening. A lot of songs that I remember from the 80’s brought a feeling of nostalgia. I thought it was a great concert!