New year and some new apps

I have recently bought me a couple of iOS apps that I found interesting and are currently evaluating. To me they all bring something new to my iPad and iPhone. One thing they all provide is the possibility to automate certain things in iOS. The apps are:

  • Editorial -a very nice word processor with built in workflow automation and a lot of other good stuff. It has a lot of functions, that makes it much easier to type.
  • Pythonista – a tool that makes it possible to develop Python scripts in iOS.
  • Launch Pad Pro – to automate different actions in iOS.

Editorial and Pythonista is from the same developer (Ole Zorn) Launch Pad Pro was developed by a company called Contrast, and has currently only an iPhone version of the app. It runs also on iPad but in a stretched out portrait mode.

I have never tried to develop anything in Python, but I guess I’ll need to learn some now. There are some good reviews on each of the apps over at Mac Stories.

I wrote this blog post in Editorial as Markdown, using some workflows for inserting and formatting links.

Edit mode in Editorial

Edit mode in Editorial


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