New year and some new apps

I have recently bought me a couple of iOS apps that I found interesting and are currently evaluating. To me they all bring something new to my iPad and iPhone. One thing they all provide is the possibility to automate certain things in iOS. The apps are:

  • Editorial -a very nice word processor with built in workflow automation and a lot of other good stuff. It has a lot of functions, that makes it much easier to type.
  • Pythonista – a tool that makes it possible to develop Python scripts in iOS.
  • Launch Pad Pro – to automate different actions in iOS.

Editorial and Pythonista is from the same developer (Ole Zorn) Launch Pad Pro was developed by a company called Contrast, and has currently only an iPhone version of the app. It runs also on iPad but in a stretched out portrait mode.

I have never tried to develop anything in Python, but I guess I’ll need to learn some now. There are some good reviews on each of the apps over at Mac Stories.

I wrote this blog post in Editorial as Markdown, using some workflows for inserting and formatting links.

Edit mode in Editorial

Edit mode in Editorial

There are no maybes

From an 1971 interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson

But as for me, I enjoy shooting a picture. Being present. It’s a way of saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It’s like the last three words of Joyce’s “Ulysses,” which is one of the most tremendous works which have ever been written. It’s “Yes, yes, yes.” And photography is like that. It’s yes, yes, yes. And there are no maybes. All the maybes should go to the trash, because it’s an instant, it’s a moment, it’s there! And it’s respect of it and tremendous enjoyment to say, “Yes!” Even if it’s something you hate. Yes! It’s an affirmation.

Read the full interview at: 



The other day I bought the “Sketchnote Hanbook” by Mike Rohde. I got the e-book and the video edition. Having just started to read the book I got inspired to get me some notebooks and pens to see if I could make anything similar to it. As a training task for myself, I made this one page Sketchdiary. It was a long time ago that I used a pen to type, even more since I made any sketches. But it was fun. I am going to continue to try this concept.

(Sorry about the text being in Swedish) 

Sketchnote diary

Sketchnote diary

Photowalk Norrköping

Yesterday there was a photo walk in the town of Norrköping in Sweden. It was a bunch of photographers from Google+ that once again gathered for some clicking. Earlier, almost the same gang has had photo walks in Nyköping and Stockholm. This time it was Norrköpings turn.

I have only been in Norrköping once before, a far as I can remember. Usually I have just been driving by the city on my way south in Sweden. And from a distance, it hasn’t really looked like much. But I was wrong.

Norrköping is a beautiful city, with a whole area of old houses surrounded with streams of water, bridges, and town squares. A lot of pictures was taken that day by all of us.

In this post I give you a picture of a bicycle that someone had thrown into the water.

Bicycle in water

Bicycle in water

A sample photo from the new lens

I’ve have had the lens I mentioned in the previous post for a bit more than a week now. Very pleased with it. It is small, light a good autofocus, sharpness and all. I am not yet so used with a 18 mm fixed lens though, with all that it brings in having to move around more to get what you want in the frame. But I think it is a good thing to be forced to train yourself to it.

Below is just a sample picture I took with the 18 mmm. It is taken with F2.0 and ISO 200.

A drink on the balcony

A drink on the balcony

Ordered a new lens

Yesterday I ordered a new lens to my Fujifilm X-E1. When I bought the camera it was together with the 18-55mm lens, which I am very pleased with. But now I wanted a smaller lens as a complement. So I ordered the Fujinon 18mm F2 R

I haven’t received it yet, but I am very excited to try it out when it arrives. Have been reading both good and bad reviews about it. But mostly good I believe.

It seems very small, and it goes up to F2. A bit more than the 18-55mm which goes to F2.8 at 18mm.

Fujinon 18mm F2 R

Fujinon 18mm F2 R

A trip to Copenhagen

Yesterday I took the train from Malmö to Copenhagen. It takes only about 30 minutes to get there. The train travels over the Öresund Bridge which runs between Sweden and Denmark, and you end up at the Central Station in Copenhagen.

As planned I visited Rosenborg Castle and the Marble Church, but also many other places. Also I met a former college and friend which I haven’t seen for about 10 years. We met for some lunch at Nyhavn. The shining sun made it warm enough to sit outside to eat.

I took a lot of pictures during the day. Some of them will end up here at the blog. For now here is one picture from the Marble Church.

Details of Frederik's Church, Copenhagen

Details of Frederik’s Church, Copenhagen

Let it be….naked

The Let it be... naked album

The Let it be… naked album

The other day the album ”Let it be… Naked” was rereleased at iTunes. The new release is Digitally Remastered in 2013. It is supposed to be like the Beatles themselves intended the album ”Let it be” to be from the beginning. A kind of a live performance with the Beatles. With no added studio effects or added vocals etc. Just the naked sound of the Beatles playing their songs.

I bought the album years back when it was released on CD. But being a Beatles fanatic, as I have been since the 70s, I was curious to hear it Digitally remastered. Just like I have had the opportunity to hear the other Beatles albums re-mastered before. So of course I bought it right away, synced it to my iPhone, put on my headphones, and pressed play. “Jojo was a man…”

To me it was amazing. Some of the songs have such great and clean sound that it is like sitting there with the lads in the studio. Like being a fly on the wall as they were recording. Even though I have heard the songs a million times, it was almost as hearing them for the first time again. Every instrument could be clearly heard separated from the other instruments and vocals. Still it all fits together well and sounds beautiful.

So also with the vocals. The have a very intimate and beautiful sound. Overall I am amazed at how good the band was performing live at this point in time. I will surely listen many times on this album. And it inspires me to pick up my own guitar and play…

Birds in the water

As I mentioned in a previous post, I would post a few pictures from my photo walk last friday. I had managed to go from work early, so I was able to get a few hours of daylight in the sunny and cold Stockholm.

This picture is taken from Skeppsholmen. As you can see there was a lot of different birds in the water that day. In the middle of the picture is the red St. Jacobs Church.

Stockholm, seen from Skeppholmen in march 2013

Stockholm, seen from Skeppholmen in march 2013

What to do in Copenhagen with a Camera?

I am planning to go on a photo trip soon. One of my stops will be a day in the beautiful and then hopefully warmer Copenhagen. 

There are two places that I would like to go to, which I believe I haven’t seen on previous trips. One is Rosenborg Castle, and the other Frederik’s Church (also called the Marble Church). Don’t know if they are open, or if I want to go inside. But I thought I might get some good photos on the architecture outside. We’ll see.

Any of you know of good photo opportunity places in Copenhagen (besides the little mermaid, and Nyhavn)?